Help us bring change to the 1st District



Raised on Chicago’s South Side, Dr. Ameena witnessed the devastating impact violence had on the place she called home. As a result, she was inspired to tackle the issue of violence at the roots: she received her Ph.D. and became a violence intervention expert. Dr. Ameena runs a non-profit, Pause for Peace, dedicated to employing science-supported strategies to break the cycle of violence in our community.

That’s why they call Dr. Ameena the “interrupter.” Dr. Ameena will bring that philosophy to Washington, DC. She will “interrupt” the corrupt political machine that has been an obstacle to real progress in the 1st district.

Dr. Ameena will advance progressive policies aimed at empowering communities by supporting universal healthcare, reforming the criminal justice system, investing in communities and the environment with a Green New Deal, and recognizing that housing is a human right.


We need your help to send Dr. Ameena to Congress, where she will serve as leadership for the 1st District.  Dr. Ameena isn’t funded by large corporate donors – she is funded by small donations from people like you!


This is a people-powered movement that needs boots on the ground – talking to folks in the 1st District on doors, phones, and through text. Whatever your skills or talents, we have a place for you in our campaign!



A publicly-sponsored healthcare program should be available to people who cannot afford private insurance programs. The end goal is to establish a universal healthcare program that ensures everyone regardless of socioeconomic status. Dr. Ameena will support the Medicaid for All Act.

Dr. Ameena believes we need to invest in people and neighborhoods instead of cages. She will support legislation that will ensure humane treatment, including mental and physical healthcare, of men and women in the care of our jails and prisons. She will also advocate ending practices that criminalize communities like color, including the war on drugs and mandatory minimums.

The current climate crisis was caused by over a hundred years of human activity. We have only a few years now to take the necessary steps to save ourselves. When Dr. Ameena arrives in Washington, she will support the Green New Deal and End Polluter Welfare Act of 2021.

For Dr. Ameena, protecting the rights of homebuyers and renters is crucial to combat these inequalities. She supports a housing policy whose goal is to perpetuate social mobility for our low-income Americans and create a more equitable economy overall. She will fight for the Housing is a Human Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act.

Dr. Ameena believes that the federal government can invest more in education and less in criminalization. That means supporting college debt relief and college for all. But it also includes investing in universal childcare and early learning for young kids.

Dr. Ameena believes that we should work to ensure immigrants are treated fairly, equally, and with dignity. This means supporting people as they work their way through the aslyum process and supporting pathways to citizenship for Dreamers and their families.
Dr. Ameena believes that our disabled family members deserve access to housing, education, and healthcare. She will push for changes to SSI and Medicaid so that disabled people don’t have to choose between benefits and marriage.
Dr. Ameena believes we need to protect the rights of all people to housing, jobs, and healthcare, including our LGBTQIA family members. She believes we need to protect our trans brothers and sisters from violence and push back against the current wave of legislation that attacks trans teens.