Petition Drive

We are targeting 1,000 signatures in order to get Dr. Ameena on the ballot. We need your help in order to do this!

We need to collect signatures for Dr. Ameena’s nominating petition in order to secure her place on the ballot. This is an essential step in running for office. We need you to help!

However, because of Covid, we also want to keep things as safe as possible. Therefore, we will not do a large petition kick-off. We will be meeting at 607 E. 75th Street, but we will stagger start times for folks. We will also have K95 masks available (along with hand warmers and everything else you need).

Please fill out the attached form to volunteer. Select which day you can help out and the time you can come to pick up the petitions. If you have never before passed petitions, that’s fine! Just let us know that you would like training, and we will be happy to provide that.

We will be launching our petition drive from our office at 607 E. 75th Street.

With your help, we will get Dr. Ameena on the ballot for the 1st Congressional District!